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Listed below is a timeline of some of the more notable aviation incidents and accidents in which dangerous goods were onboard the aircraft. In most of these incidents, a definitive determination as to the root cause of the incident was inconclusive, but there is a general understanding that if the incident was not directly caused by the on board dangerous goods, the dangerous goods most certainly could have played a role in exacerbating the situation. This is due to the type of materials, location of the materials and sheer volume of the materials on board.

More than 3 billion tons of regulated dangerous goods, also known as hazardous materials, are transported in the United States each year. Over 261,000 tons of these dangerous goods are transported by air.

When these materials are properly packaged, labeled, and stowed, they can be transported safely, but when they are not, they can pose significant threats to transportation workers, emergency responders, the general public, and the environment because of the potential for accidents and incidents.